Trump and DeSantis have maintained a united front publicly, but suggestions have mounted that the dynamic could have frayed, especially since Trump lost the presidency. For his part, Trump is looking and acting more like a 2024 hopeful ready to move into a more formal phase of the campaign, with high profile hire Pam Bondi taking over the helm of his Super PAC just last week. He has called the chatter about it “nonsense,” addressing the question during state news conferences and national television appearances alike. The comments come as a new poll showed DeSantis competitive with Trump in the 2024 field.

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SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images We are just a few days away from the 2020 US Presidential Election, and while the stakes appear higher than ever, millions of dollars are in the balance at sports betting shops across the country. As per , Ron DeSantis is the fourth-best bet after the top trio of Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and Donald Trump. Although DeSantis’ odds are almost double the odds for Trump, the top Republican bet, the Florida governor is clearly considered the biggest rival for the established trio and the best outside bet to win the 2024 US Elections at this point in time. Trump’s former vice president Mike Pence was at pains to distance himself from the president over the controversy surrounding the 2020 US Elections.

People watch a broadcast of Fox News showing presidential election returns at an election night watch party organized by group “Villagers for Trump” in The Villages, Florida, on November 3, 2020. NBC and ABC are both projecting that Joe Biden will win Maine and its four electoral college votes. Democrats get the first chance to try and capture the country’s attention with the first night of their virtual convention Monday. They do at least have a popular and charismatic headline speaker — Michelle Obama. But it’s one thing to see a political star whipping up a huge crowd.

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< Have a tendency to Oregon Wagering australian open tennis schedule Cut off With Draftkings In control? p>Clinton wagers were flooding into the offshore and overseas books. Ireland sportsbook Paddy Power, looking to stem the seemingly inevitable tide, took the almost unprecedented step of actually paying off those who held tickets on Clinton – a $1 million hit, 21 days before a vote was even tallied. Mind you, there are other countries where you can’t bet on politics./p>

Biden is the favorite to be the Democratic nominee at PredictIt with a latest “Yes” price of 38 cents. Click on the odds below to make a wager on the candidate you believe will win. Donald Trump is the Republican nominee favorite at PredictIt with a “Yes” price of 33 cents.

We predict Joe Biden will win the presidential election on November 3. If we are wrong, the polls are wrong, and if the polls are wrong, they are very wrong. DONALD TRUMP is around eight percentage points behind his Democratic challenger Joe Biden according to poll aggregator FiveThirtyEight. But with just a week before Americans head to the polls, what do the latest odds reveal about the 45th US President’s chances of winning a second term? A new swingometer tool predicts exactly which candidate will win the White House this November. Four years ago, Trump dove into presidential politics with no political experience to speak of and a slapdash campaign operation at his back.


Nothing in life is guaranteed but if you want to place a bet with your hard or even not so hard-earned money you are happy to find a reliable platform. Yes, betting on the presidential election is available at just about every online betting sites. There are a variety of bets you can place on the elections, and informative post placing a bet on which candidate will win is a simple process. Bettors can now wager on the winners of primaries in each state and a ton of other stuff, like margins of victory, and even if one of the candidates will face federal charges! There is a huge market for betting on politics, including which candidate will win each state or who wins the popular vote. Former Vice President Biden leads national polls by roughly 9 percentage points, per Goldman, nearly twice as much as former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s lead in the days leading up to the 2016 election.

We are also adding to the actual odds by creating an over/under as to when Kamala will take over for the flailing Biden. This all combines to have the general public wondering if the 78 year old Biden, who is clearly in cognitive decline and under heavy stress, will make it 3.3 more years. Some people believe that Biden was just the way in the door for whom the establishment really wanted in there, the unlikable Kamala Harris. She will help the powers that be check the boxes of “first woman President” and “first black woman President”. You can see that the pressure is there from several angles to get her into the oval office. Biden’s latest bungling has seen the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan overrun with people trying to leave the country even hanging on to the sides of airplanes as they take off and eventually falling to their death.